About Us

Formally known as Biomag UK Ltd, Health Solutions Clinic (HSC) is now an independent company that specialise in the delivery of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) and Energy Medicines.

Our mobile therapy clinic delivers pain treatments in the comfort of the home removing the need for clients to travel.

We are a CIPTAC accredited and certified online training provider, and OEM equipment supplier.

PEMF therapy systems are used globally by both private health centers, home users and in hospitals across Europe.  HSC is an active member of Prof, Robert Dennis’s global PEMFT research team. Prof R Dennis developed the original NASA TVEMF - PEMF systems for NASA under contract in 1997 – 1998, he is the world patent owner for all PEMF technologies.   Over recent years HSC has developed a highly acclaimed, accredited and indemnity insurance certified online training courses for those wishing to train as a professional PEMF practitioner. The Clinic offers a wide range of products, including specialized therapy equipment, and low-cost high-performance commercial products for medicine, research, and education.

Located in Essex, England and only 6 miles from London Stansted Airport we are perfectly situated physically, for access to many major transport hubs and infrastructures. HSC is leading the way in PEMF practitioner training and research activities.